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In game menu for local mulitplayer

WhiningfieldsWhiningfields Posts: 11Member

I'm making a local 4 player game and have had a great deal of problems with implementing a in game menu for weapon selection. I've got the menu to appear for each player - the 'weapon_menu' scene consists of a 'node2d with a grid container and three buttons as children). Testing with print statements, the input does register in the weapon_menu scene - but how do I get the buttons to actually register the input (as in how to move to the next button and highlight it etc. on input)?

What I'm going for is - input up/down for choosing a button and left/right for selecting/pressing it.

*I've looked at too many tutorials on GUIs and general menus - but found none explaining this (as an in game menu - ie the game is still running, and using gui_input seems off (as in setting up gui_input for 4 players instead of using the inputs already there). If I've missed a good tutorial on this exact subject, please feel free to point me to it.

I'm rather new, and exact feedback is appreciated as I'm at a total loss figuring this out.

Thank you!

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