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image to send clipboard OS and call back

VolkovinoVolkovino Posts: 1Member

There is data communication between GDScript and OS via HARD DISK. For the clipboard "STRING" content, there is a way between them using OS.get/set_clipboard() methods via RAM. However, for the clipboard "IMAGE/TEXTURE" content, i could not find a way to communicate via RAM.

For instance, godot has such capability to get screenshot using "get_viewport().get_texture().get_data()". But it is only for GdScript internal use. 

I believe Godot , which is flexible structure, must have this very basic method.

I am working on a narrow scope word processing software project which will include rich text editing, graph editing (graph nodes etc.) and image transfers from/to OS, I have checked Emilio's base studies concerning those subject 


But I could not find any clue regarding my issue. If godot can not provide such a service. I need to change my path soon.

Am I incompetent to find an available service or gdscript has not a method for such thing?

Thanks for any guiding in advance...

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